ICS 4.0.3 Hits Orange UK – HTC Sensation XE Users

ICS 4.0.3 has finally hit the Orange UK network, at least on the HTC Sensation XE handset.

I had to do a manual check for updates on Wednesday evening and found the ICS upgrade on Orange UK, it came in at 283Mb and took about 10 minutes to complete the download  and install on a 50Mb broadband connection. On first glance it looks good and battery life has improved 100% my phone now last for about 36hours with moderate usage including always on data and sync running in the background.

It does look like Orange have removed some features and asthetic bits but i’m not sure if thats carrier wide or specific? The following list is organic and will evolve over the coming days of using ICS 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6……


  • Much improved battery life
  • Improved launcher on homescreen
  • Improved font (Roboto)
  • Screen grabs using ‘Volume Down and ‘Power’ simultaneously
  • Excellent multitasking
  • Task Killer ‘Long press Home Button’ (Swipe to kill app)


  • Not far removed from Gingerbread O/S
  • Live Effects missing from camera app (Maybe Carrier Specific)
  • Very little UI improvements
  • No new themes or wallpapers (Maybe Carrier Specific)
  • Power Saver Mode Gone

More to follow……………………………………….


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