App Review – GMote

After many issues and a headache in trying to get the VLC Stream and Convert to work on my HTC Sensation XE i turned to Gmote, I wish I had done this sooner. I was looking not just for a VLC remote but a streamer to play files from my PC on my handset, Issues with rtsp protocols and ports prevented this with VLC Stream and Convert but Gmote worked right out of the blocks.

Install the gmote server from then go to Google Play Store and download gmote for Android for your device. Install the .exe server file as normal on your PC and you will be prompted to add media paths to music and video files on your PC, your device will need these paths to read the files later on!

Open the app on your device and press ‘Menu’ to add the server you have just started on the PC (see left image), choose your server as indicated by your local IP address and PC name.


Use the ‘Browse’ button in the top left of the screen to select the file paths you setup on the server on the PC side, select Phone(Beta).

Choose your file and hey presto, movie streamed from PC to your handset via Wi-Fi.

I haven’t encountered a file type it won’t play yet, although I have only thrown avi’s at it so far, and i do have MX player installed and it asks to open in that player. Most of my movies are DiVX or XViD encoded. It plays very smoothly and audio is just fine either via speaker or headset. It really is very easy to seup both via the handset and PC server client without any great pc, mobile knowledge which makes it perfect for the casual and andvanced users alike.


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