snApp Review – Winamp (Free)

After playing with the dull boring stock music player app I knew I had to find a free replacement, i tried MixZing but didn’t like it much. I use WinAmp on my desktop so I thought I’d give it a go on the mobile.


The first thing you notice is the UI, it’s much improved over the stock player and can be familiarised rather quickly. Buttons are self explanatory and all in one place without having to bring up secondary menus. Equalizer settings are only available in the pro version unfortunately so no cranking up the bass for me!


Shoutcast is great and works flawlessly over Wi-Fi I have yet to try it over 3G, I sometimes still broadcast from  my desktop using shoutcast so being able to pick up the stream via mobile is very useful and enables sharing much more. Beware some streams still broadcast in 32Kbps and sound awful!


Album art would be available if I could be ased to incude it within my files, and playlists are very easy to organise and manage. The app does come with the ability to wirelessy sync your PC library with your mobile (USB supported) this is a nifty feature espeacially if you use WinAmp as your preferred player on the desktop.


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