Google Currents Gets International Status

Google currents is an app which until a few days ago has only been available in the US. The app was first introduced on home soil in December last year but Google have now released a global version of the popular app, it’s seen as a rival to the massively downloaded app on the iOS platform ‘Flipboard’


Currents is a social magazine/news reader which boasts almost 400 publisher editions and over 13,000 user generated editions which are available now. The Guardian, Independent, Android Central and Android Antics are all featured along with many more professional publications.

Bloggers and publishers can all now add content to the feeds using Google Currents Producer. Searches include RSS feeds from any website.

I have been using this app for a couple of days now and I can see the attraction, this app syncs content for viewing offline in a very streamlined way. Settings include background, frequency, offline and battery saver modes.

Please add ‘Android Antics’ to your ‘Currents’ application when you download, get your Antics news on the go!!

‘Android Antics Edition’


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