swiFTP Server (snApp review)

If you are looking for a simple solution to transfer files without, connecting your device physically to your computer and without, any major headache setting it up then check out swiFTP from the Play Store. I’ve been using it for a few weeks without any problems and it’s a breeze to navigate your entire drive space on your phone and transfer files wirelessly.


XP Setup

The setup process is simplicity in itself, download the app from play store and install on your device. Go to the setup screen the app will determine an ip address itself, enter a username and password and keep the port number as default and folder location. Save and then start the server, your ip address and port will be shown on the splash screen!


On your computer navigate to Start>>My Network Places>>Add A Network Place>>Choose Another Location>> Enter the details of the ip address shown on the app, eg (192,168.0.7:2121) your ip details may not be the same this is an example. Once that is done you can open a folder on your desktop and view all your various folders and files on your device and just drag and drop files in your chosen folders.

The application is no longer developed or updated which is a shame but the app does work in it’s current form. The last update was in June 2010 and is available to take over as a project by contacting the original author/developer. Visit http://code.google.com/p/swiftp/ if you would like to take over the development of the application.

The application is very light and works very well, it’s a breeze to drag and drop files from PC folders to folders contained on your device and it’s SD card. Speed is dependant on your home networking equipment and your devices wireless capabilities.



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