Moborobo Desktop Management For Android!

I have downloaded ‘Moborobo’ desktop management for Android tool on Win XP, you may have seen a recent review of swiFTP which i use all the time? This app however has much more to offer than just wireless file transfer upon first look! This review comes straight off the back of using the app for a minimal amount of time but has all the features you could want from a desktop sync management tool!

Upon first look it will provide you with a place to control your contacts, apps, pictures, SMS and more!

The home section is the first screen that loads when the app is opened, it displays a picture of your phone and various options to manage the devices functions like contacts, SMS, files, apps etc. You can also see how much storage on both the device and SD card that you left, it also show’s your devices current firmware version you have installed. The option to Backup/Restore is also on this page.


The apps sections will allow you to view and delete user installed apps installed on your device, it will also allow you to view each individual apps permissions which will help to decide if you really need an app that uses unnecesary priveliges on your handset.

The data section will help you manage your contacts, SMS messages, call logs and other log information. It will apparently allow you to send an SMS from your computer through the device! I haven’t managed to get this working over Wi-Fi yet? Using USB however it worked after a few attempts, a message was sent using my PC keyboard through my phone which is great for long conversations from home!

The images, vide and tunes sections will allow you to manager your still images/videos and tunes on the device, there is also a theme section for you to download themes for the Moborobo Launcher app which you can download and install through the application.

Download from Moborobo


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