Galaxy SIII Coming To Europe May 29th

After watching the launch of the Samsung Galxy S III online from the comfort of my home, I have to say I am very impressed with the first look of this device. It doesn’t appear that Samsung have an official full Spec sheet listed online at the moment but I can share some of the known specs with you this evening!

  • 1.4Ghz Exynos 4212 Processor with a quad-core
  • 4.8″ AMOLED HD Display
  • 8Mp Camera (Not 12Mp As Rumoured)
  • 2100 mAh Battery
  • 8.6mm Thick – 133Grams Weight
  • Touchwiz Interface Upgraded

The camera boasts some impressive features including a 990ms response rate between shots, a much reduced shutter lag enabling you to capture the image as you see it! Burst mode gives up to 20 shots taken, Best Pic takes up to 8 pictures for you to choose the best result and Buddy Photo Share allows the recognition of faces and links those for you, using your group profiles for guidance.

Direct call is a feature which allows you to call a contact from reading or composing a text message, if you are doing either and place the phone against your ear the phone will automatically call the contact on the screen for you!

Pop up Play allows you to carry on watching a video whilst replying to or viewing an SMS, viewing a webpage or whatever else you can think of. The video can pop out into a small screen and be moved around the display depending on your requirements.


The phone has many more features which will be reported on here, as well as a full spec sheet and insight into the phone itself.


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