Instagram Updated to v1.06

Instagram Updated to v1.06 brings the following:

  • Various bug fixes
  • Lux is now available on supported galaxy ace devices!


Download from ‘Google Play Store’


Facebook for Android Updated (Free SPAM Icons Anyone?)

Facebook for Android has seen an update in recent days and now sits at V1.09, the update see’s an increase in performance, short cuts and a few bug fixes.


Additional features include group messaging functionality alowing you to message a group of friends and also add friends to existing conversations. GPU rendering is also enabled giving you a smoother experience when scrolling the timeline.  Another inclusion in the update is the appearance of 2 new icosn on your app list, these icons allow you to get to facebook messenger quicker and also one which allows you to share photos to facebook with a couple of clicks.

I’m all for extra functionality but I would like the option to remove these icons from my device if I won’t use them, the only way to get rid of them is to hide the apps using a 3rd party launcher!!

Download the update from ‘Google Play Store

Fake Instagram Malware Threat!

Another fake app containing malware is doing the rounds now in the form of the massively popular camera app ‘Instagram’ which has only recently been ported to the Android platform in recent weeks.


Sophos revealed that the app has been listed on various websites for download and, seems to eminate from where most of the world’s other malware and mobile nastys come from, Russia! In tests run by Sophos the app didn’t even come close to emulating what the ‘real’ app does, it relies on the background sending of SMS to make the cyber criminals money.

Graham Cluley from Naked Security says, “Sophos products detect the malware as Andr/Boxer-F.

Android malware is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, of course. Just last week we reported on a bogus edition of the Angry Birds Space game that was being used in another attack.

It’s quite likely that whoever is behind this latest malware campaign is also using the names and images of other popular smartphone apps as bait.”

This is one reason i rarely download a popular app or game from anywhere other than Google Play

HTC One Series Gets Tivo Treatment (UK)

IF you are a user of the Virginmedia Tivo platform in the UK you may have spotted a prime time advert for the HTC One Series on the system!

If you haven’t spotted it, press ‘Home’ on your remote and select the HTC advert in the listings! Personally i think this is a fantastic idea to have a selective advertising platform where as a user you can choose what you want to be shown in advertising! the feature has a 5 min documentary, 60second advert and more!!

Rovio Updates Angry Birds Original!

Rovio have released an update to the original version of the massively popular game Angry Birds, 15 new levels have been released named Surf ‘n’ Turf and features pigs being bombarded on a beach by some ‘Angry Birds’.

For Rovio to release 15 new levels on their original product when they have just released Angry Birds Space just shows that the company really does have the end user at the core of everything they do! The update comes in at 16Mb so would be advisable to download over a wi-fi connection.

Download from Play Store

Panasonic Eluga Coming To UK

Panasonic haven’t exactly been at the forefront of mobile technology ever, and certainly not from a UK perspective either. I was surprised to hear that the latest incarnation from Panasonic the ‘Eluga’ is to ship to the UK at the end of April.

The handset will come loaded with Gingerbread v2.3.5 which owners will be able to update to ICS 4.0 from Summer 2012, 1Ghz dual-core TI (Texas Instruments) processor, 1Gb RAM and 8Gb of internal storage.

Display wise it houses a 4.3 inch, 960×540, capacitive OLED QHD screen and has NFC technology on board.

Toshiya Matsumura from Panasonic says – “Despite the unprecedented increase in the number of smartphone devices appearing over the last few years, we don’t believe anyone has yet managed to truly bridge the gap between style and substance. With the launch of the ELUGA, we’re aiming to prove it is possible to deliver style, function, form, and the very best underlying technology, all in a competitively-priced package.”

Find out more from Panasonic

Angry Birds – Infected With Malware?

Have you ever used an unofficial App store for your android device? There are more sources for apps out there than just the Play Store, and some of these places aren’t as safe and respectable as we are led to believe.

Some version of Angry Birds – Space have been infected with a Trojan which allows cyber criminals to take full control of an infected device. The download is a fully functioning version of the hit game but also installs a malicious script which can be used to steal personal information such as banking details etc. The Trojan connects to a remote site and tries to install further malware on the device and can even be used in mass attacks on large corporations like Sony.

The download hasn’t been found on the Google Play Store but on other unofficial app stores, if the option to install apps from non market sources is ticked on your device within the security settings you can download and install from anywhere. Whilst the Play store isn’t a fortress against malware  and other malicious scripts it’s much more of a controlled environment than an unauthorised marketplace.

Graham Cluley writes on the ‘Naked Security‘ blog – “SophosLabs recently encountered malware-infected editions of the “Angry Birds Space” game which have been placed in unofficial Android app stores. Please note: The version of “Angry Birds Space” in the official Android market (recently renamed “Google Play”) is *not* affected.

The Trojan horse, which Sophos detects as Andr/KongFu-L, appears to be a fully-functional version of the popular smartphone game, but uses the GingerBreak exploit to gain root access to the device, and install malicious code.”

Google Currents Gets International Status

Google currents is an app which until a few days ago has only been available in the US. The app was first introduced on home soil in December last year but Google have now released a global version of the popular app, it’s seen as a rival to the massively downloaded app on the iOS platform ‘Flipboard’


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640 X 960 HD Wallpapers

3 HD wallpapers for your HTC Sensation or similar smartphone with a screen resolution of 640 x 960………


Click image and ‘right click save as’.

Galaxy SII users on Vodafone UK get a taste of ICS 4.0

Vodafone UK today released the ICS 4.0 update via the KIES software and connecting your device via USB to your computer. OTA updates are delayed until 17th April for whatever reason? According to Vodafone, Smasung delayed the updates themselves.


More over at Vodafone Blog

ICS 4.0 gets a further update, on HTC handsets at least!

If you own a HTC handset which is capable of running ICS 4.0 and have been lucky enough to update to the software recently you may find yourself having another update very soon. HTC have released an update which fixes a WiFi security issue on some devices.

‘HTC has developed a fix for a WiFi issue affecting some HTC devices. Most products have received this fix already through regular updates. However, some will need to have the fix manually loaded. ‘

For more information and a serial number checker to see if your device needs this update follow the link below………………..

Apps – Install to SD Card without root

This guide has been prepared by a Moderator from AndroidForums, thanks to El Presidente for these tips.

One of the biggest complaints levelled at the HTC Wildfire S is the severe lack of internal memory. There are ways around this, one of which is forcing downloaded apps to install to the SD Card. There are a couple of pre-requisites, but the process itself is relatively straight forward.

You’ll need HTC Sync installed (or at least the drivers that come with HTC Sync) and ADB (Android Debug Bridge) or the Android SDK. The SDK itself is a >100MB download and can be relatively difficult to install, however if you head here, look under the section entitled Mini SDK, click show, you can download a zip file called Once downloaded, extract the contents of that folder to a folder of your choosing. I recommend somewhere easy, like C:\SDK-Tools as you’ll need to navigate to it via a command prompt later.

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Sky GO – Orange Mobile TV Issues ICS 4.0.3

UPDATE: At least for Orange mobile TV, try switching your browser to Dolphin HD and access the site, you should find it will work.

If any of you have updated to ICS 4.0.3 and are currently using the Sky GO application or Sky Sports Mobile TV from Orange you will no doubt find yourselves unable to access either service.


I’m not entirely sure what the incompatabilities are but ICS hasn’t exactly been a secret and vendors should work faster to make sure that apps/services are up to date with the lates O/S, an update will be winging it’s way to you shortly no doubt…………………..

snApp Review – Winamp (Free)

After playing with the dull boring stock music player app I knew I had to find a free replacement, i tried MixZing but didn’t like it much. I use WinAmp on my desktop so I thought I’d give it a go on the mobile.


The first thing you notice is the UI, it’s much improved over the stock player and can be familiarised rather quickly. Buttons are self explanatory and all in one place without having to bring up secondary menus. Equalizer settings are only available in the pro version unfortunately so no cranking up the bass for me!

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App Review – GMote

After many issues and a headache in trying to get the VLC Stream and Convert to work on my HTC Sensation XE i turned to Gmote, I wish I had done this sooner. I was looking not just for a VLC remote but a streamer to play files from my PC on my handset, Issues with rtsp protocols and ports prevented this with VLC Stream and Convert but Gmote worked right out of the blocks.

Install the gmote server from then go to Google Play Store and download gmote for Android for your device. Install the .exe server file as normal on your PC and you will be prompted to add media paths to music and video files on your PC, your device will need these paths to read the files later on!

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